Master Your Moolah: Budget & Money Planner


What's included in Master Your Moolah:

This digital product is a budgeting and money planner that allows one to get a holistic view of their current financial world. Everything that you need to get shit done. This Master the Moolah Budget & Money Planner is focused on highlighting to you what's important as you plan your financial future. It covers:

  • Overview of your finances (a summary to help you get a clear picture)
  • Monthly budget
  • Credit cards (including interest payments)
  • Credit score
  • Net worth (use this to take to the bank when applying for a loan)

This is designed to be an educational tool, with helpful comments throughout the tool in case you're stuck or unsure of what information to enter. Increase your awareness of your money each time you open the tool and work away at developing strong habits now to set up and plan for your future.

You will get a Microsoft Excel version of this budget planner, as well as a Google Sheet version for easy editability.

Access to the budget and money planner will be downloadable after purchase.



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