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Quantum Business

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Quantum is a mastermind for mission-driven creative entrepreneurs like you who desire to scale smarter and faster with systems; streamline processes and grow your revenue source predictably and sustainably. If you desire to build your business from a place of flow - not force - then you're in the right place. 

Let's break it down

Here's What TO Expect



Soul-aligned Sales

You never want to be in a position where you resent the sales process. Learn how to sell from soul and charge what you deserve. Most businesses are severely undercharging. Permission-based selling that feels good to you and your client/customer.



Strategy + Systems

We work on implementing the right strategy at the right time for where you're at in your business. Nailing the content and delivery, and then utilising a system to automate and optimise your strategy. No point automating a strategy that isn't effective!



Unmatched Support

As a Quantum client, you get access to weekly calls, support with a coach via Voxer, access to 1:1 support when needed as well as access to Ryan's team and resources.
You're never more than 48 hours away from support!
P.S This is my client, Viv. Pharmacist turned Amazon FBA seller!




One of the biggest value-adds of Quantum is the community of like-minded, mission-driven business owners and entrepreneurs. We have regular events and annual retreats. It's not uncommon for Quantum members to collaborate on projects, share resources and meetup in person. In my opinion, this is an invaluable part of being apart of the Quantum business mastermind.
Port Douglas Retreat. March 2022.

Hiring help and outsourcing sh*t tasks

Cloning myself and my business processes

Spending more time working ON the business than IN the business

Building a dream team of A players who are BETTER at tasks than you are so you can scale smarter - without the stress

Eliminating inefficient business processes that eat your margins and sink your time + money

Prioritising your health and happiness rather than business growth at all cost - to the detriment of your sleep, relationships and family

Implement a system for predictable, sustainable revenue growth - not yo-yo seasons of feast and famine


If you want 2023 to be the year that you *finally* commit to:

Master your mind -
not just your business.


Build a life and business that you love, that's designed around your lifestyle


12 months of business coaching, support, accountability and community


A clear, actionable plan to help you get sign better, higher paying clients within 60 days


Regular in-person and virtual events to network with your peers.


We track everything: profits, growth, wins, MRR as well as challenges so we know what to work on and improve

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buckle up, buttercup!

buckle up,


olivia ward, TOP AUSTRALIAN property coach

My biz is up 66% in revenue since working with Ryan for 5 months."

Since having Ryan, I have been able to scale my biz with ease and a well regulated nervous system. Ryan has fast tracked my growth through simple tools, which has given me back time to focus ON my business rather than IN it.

RUBY PRYDE, KINesiologist & women's coach

My experience with Quantum has been more than I ever thought it would be." 

You can’t put a price on it - it is incredible!


Quantum is changing my life, my mindset and my perspective on my business."

Ryan has a personalised approach and has helped me to accelerate my business opportunities. He is helping me realise my worth and progressively create space for my Identity to develop where it needs to be for Meditate with Friends to help 100s of thousands of kids.

epic testimonials!

“This is your day. This is the time to go after it all.”

— Me, yesterday

QUANTUM *is* for you if:

You need to finally make time for...

You are in this industry

You're ready for this thing

You're not good at commitment

You can't make time to do the required work to grow

QUantum *ain't* for you if...

You're not coachable and dislike accountability

Frequently Asked Questions

How frequently are the mastermind calls?

Currently, we have 2x calls a week on Tuesdays and Fridays. Our Tuesday calls typically focus on sales, marketing, operations or mindset and Fridays are for Q&A or Hot Seat coaching.

Is there any 1:1 support?

Yes. As part of current Quantum contracts, you can book in 1:1 calls as needed. Typically, clients book 1:1 calls every 3-4 weeks. In between calls, you have Voxer support Monday to Friday.

what type of clients are in quantum?

We have OTs, coaches (on money, health, property, women's empowerment, confidence, dating), sales professionals, network marketers, PTs, digital agency and ecom store owners.

how long is the quantum contract for?

Joining Quantum is a 12 month commitment. I am IN YOUR BUSINESS with you. Change and growth takes time. Ain't no quick fixes or short-term solutions here.

What else is included in quantum mastermind?

You get FULL ACCESS to all existing courses, masterclasses as well as tickets to all in-person events. You also have access to Ryan's network of business partnerships for marketing, accounting, biz law .

I want to know more but my question isn't answered here!

No problem! Apply for a spot, or book a consult and we'll be able to gauge real quick if Quantum is a good fit or not! Otherwise, DM me on Instagram and ask ;)


money back 

Try quantum for 30 days.
i will tear up your contract & refund your money if you don't gain any  value from quantum.

Yep - you read that right. In an industry notorious for screaming the words NO REFUNDS, I'll refund your onboarding fee and we can part ways as friends. I'll be a bit sad, but I want to honour my promises and guarantees.

Hey there!

I'm Ryan, your new biz consultant. (duh, you applied to join already, right?)

Are you seriously still reading instead of applying to join Quantum? You crazy!
Since 2017, I've personally worked with 100s of entrepreneurs, business owners, wellness professionals and athletes to support them building a life AND business that they LOVE!