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Innate Power – June 2023

April 29, 2023

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You’ve got that power.

Your IP: Innate Power. 

It’s distinctly yours.

People can try to copy, imitate or clone your essence…but they ain’t you, boo. 😎

And here’s the thing: True freedom for yourself around wealth, abundance and success will never live in the mind. True freedom always lives in the body.



You’ve got that power.

Your IP: Innate Power. 

It’s distinctly yours.

People can try to copy, imitate or clone your essence…but they ain’t you, boo. 😎

And here’s the thing: True freedom for yourself around wealth, abundance and success will never live in the mind. True freedom always lives in the body.

Trying to ever THINK your way out of a challenge, problem or stressful situation is very difficult…cause you’re trying to outthink a feeling! That's the problem.

There’s a reason why they say your gut acts as your second brain.

Have you ever just KNOWN something to be true in your body, for you – even without the logical explanation, reason or knowledge for it to be true? And yet you so often deny that part of yourself in order to fit moulds and to fill spaces that can’t contain that truth?

Where you notice yourself hold back…your thoughts, expression, ideas, speech…for fear of what others might say, think or react? Even in the slightest and subtlest of ways…rephrasing and changing your tone to appease or accommodate that one family member or friend…?

You are carrying your family, societal and social circle beliefs and your lived experiences that influence and impact how you show up, speak from soul and sell yourself to the world.

The mind is supposed to be the servant of the body, but so often, we can place the mind above the body. So the body tries to serve the mind…

Yet it’s the body which holds all this wisdom, truth and liberation.

And your IP.

True power.

Remember: power isn’t arrogance. It’s not control. It’s not forceful.

It’s just a deep-rooted confidence that is certain yet peaceful.

Rare is the person who’s committed to moving anything out of the way that's holding them back from being the fullest experience of themselves.

When you choose the embodiment of a new identity around your innate power, you run out of excuses to not be your full self.

A part of your mind will want to pick this conversation apart because it challenges your belief system and where you’re at right now because of what you can physically see around you.

Innate Power is two full days of being confronted and challenged with your self-identity and self-image. It’s a chance to pause and get present to your personal power within…which we can only do when we stop being so “busy” with parenting, working, scaling the biz…and move from human doing to human BEING…just for two days.

Innate Power isn’t a motivational rah-rah event and isn’t deigned to motivate you or coach you through limiting beliefs. It’s specifically engineered help expose you to the deeper parts of you that lay dormant and untapped, so you can access new levels of operating and thriving. Embody and ground new truths and revelation which are fresh and relevant to your circumstances right now.

If you're motivated by something outside of yourself, something external, you're going to always need that motivation to make changes in your life.

Your body is the vessel…

Which means that if you can FEEL it all – you can have it all. Truly.

More money. A better business. Stronger relationships. Deeper passion and intimacy. Greater influence and impact.

You learn how to hold your power and hold the overflow.

This isn’t just another two day event to tick off your list. Don't show up ready to just sit, take notes and leave. You can’t show up and hide or only partially participate…it’s not that type of thing.

The invitation to join me in Brisbane is so that you can show up to the space as the powerful leader I know you to be.

And this work isn’t completed in another Zoom event, where your camera’s off and you’re scrolling behind the scenes, with half a mind in and half a mind wandering when it’ll end.


Stepping forward today out of this space will call you forward to the biggest game of your life because it’s crafted to speak to identity-level changes required to allow you to step into new places and spaces that demand MORE from you.

Too many pass off their IP say…

“No thanks” 

“It’s ok”

“I’m not the right person”. 

“They can have it…”

“I can't have it because of this thing…that thong…”

I watch people do this all the time.

It’s in the way they spend. The way they move. The way they speak. They way they show up.

Today, the calling on your soul is towards a new choice.

Be immersed completely in an environment that allows you to grow and excel and to make life-altering decisions that set you up for the year ahead. Transformation at a cellular level – an inner upgrade to your human operating system.

Reclaim your IP. 

And know how to move and shake in the world like only you can.


Location: Newstead Studios
Time: Starts at 8AM – 4:30PM Saturday 24th June – Sunday 25th June 2023

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