Grasp The Guy

The Gentleman's Code - Ryan Drake

A 6 week course to change your dating game and go from dating boys to being desired by men, opening your heart to let love in and letting him lead. 
Your dating game will NEVER be the same again.

Are you sick and tired of dating princes and boys?!

You know exactly what I mean when I use the term ‘boys' here: the non-committal, hard to communicate with, unclear and uncertain in their conversations with you. The ones who are challenging to plan around and who lack the desire to lead and progress the relationship forward.

When you're after certainty and weighing up whether to trust him, you feel like the walls go up because you're fearful of having your heart hurt again or being vulnerable and committing but unsure if he can meet you there. 

I get it. It can be SO FRUSTRATING to just be on the dating circuit and feel like you're constantly ending up with someone who's wasting your time and energy or just interested in one thing only 🍆👌.

It's easy to get to the point of wanting to throw your wants in the air and say, “Nothing seems to be working so I give up!”

The problem, however, isn't that gentlemen don't exist or are unavailable.

Men aren't as complicated as you think they are and good men are everywhere – it just depends on where you're looking.

More importantly, it depends on how you're carrying yourself.

You see, relationships are mirrors. We attract our energetic match and we date who we are – not what we want.

If you want a man who leads you in your relationship (and the bedroom 🔥), you're going to want to learn about the few key ingredients it takes to grasp and guy and get him desiring you. 

Imagine learning how to communicate in the language of men so that they hear and understand your wants, needs and desires and will do anything they can to meet your requests.

To do so, means taking full responsibility for how you show up in your dating game and be open to learning how to surrender, trust and receive from men.

The reality is men want to be your hero and men will cross oceans and mountains to ensure that the woman he adores is taken care of. They will only do this when they feel empowered and supported to lead and love. 

This is now your turn to finally call in the partnership you've been longing for and allow yourself to be romanced in a way you've only ever dreamed of. 

This course is designed to help open you up to receiving more from men than you ever have before. 

You'll finally feel empowered around dating, free from past experiences with men and your eyes open to the world of being truly romanced for who you are and learn how to receive love and pleasure. As a result, your ability to feel turned on not just by your man but by life itself will increase! 

You may be curious about Grasp The Guy if...

    • You're tired of wondering where all the good men are
    • You're wanting to get off dating apps for good because you've met your match
    • You find yourself angry and bitter at times with men or past exes when they haven't done something you've asked them (yet not surprised) 
    • You find yourself nodding and agreeing with your girlfriends when they complain about their boyfriends or husbands
    • You feel just flat out disappointed with the dating game and the pool of matches available to you
    • You're exhausted of organising dates and driving the conversation all the time
    • You believe some men are real dicks and wonder if you'll have to settle for someone less than sensational
    • You're frustrated at not having your needs met in the bedroom but too afraid to articulate what you want from a guy
    • You find yourself apologetic and reserved when things progress into the first stages of a relationship for fear of screwing it up
    • You want to be MORE turned on and open and receptive to more love and excitement in your life but unsure how that'd happen
    • You desire to heal your relationship with men and to see them in a new light (free from past experiences and stories that no longer serve you)
    • You're sick of not sharing your thoughts and opinions and lack strong boundaries within relationships
    • You desire to attract in a man who's in control and leads in such a way that you feel trusting, surrendered, safe and free



  • The course is delivered digitally and you will have instant access to over 12 hours of training
  • Course participants will receive weekly assignments to complete after each recording
  • All interaction is done within the Facebook group, with the exception of monthly calls being conducted via Zoom
In week 1, we deep dive into:
  • Your past dating and relationship experience
  • What did and didn't work for you and current frustrations and fears
  • Identifying key communication breakdowns
  • Understanding how women emasculate and disempower men
  • Covering how to acknowledge, forgive and release past hurt, pain and trauma around men, dating and previous abuse
In week 2, we deep dive into:
  • Traits and characteristics of the divine feminine
  • Why being embodied in your feminine is a gift to the world
  • Understanding where you tend to control/lead in relationships and dating
  • Learning how to open yourself up to receiving from the masculine
In week 3, we deep dive into:
  • Qualities, values and personality traits you desire in a relationship
  • Creating the energetic environment to call this man in
  • Becoming hyper-specific around the relationship dynamics you want to create and cultivate
  • Learning how to open yourself up to receiving from the masculine
In week 4, we deep dive into:
  • How to communicate your wants, needs and desires to a man and getting him on board
  • How to resolve conflict and communication challenges swiftly and with ease
  • Different ways men and women communicate and how to understand the language of men
  • Understanding the man cave and men's emotional needs within a relationship
In week 5, we deep dive into:
  • Channeling your inner feminine through what you wear and how you show up in a space
  • How to lean into his leadership and direction and feel comfortable and trusting with him
  • Creating space to be powerful, confident and cheeky
  • How to play with the polarity between the feminine (you) and masculine (him)
In week 6, we deep dive into:
  • Your intimacy blocks and hang-ups
  • How to surrender and trust and open your heart and body in the bedroom
  • Allowing him to lead and direct (which opens you to more pleasure)
  • Why intimacy starts outside of the bedroom
  • Identifying your turn ons and turn offs so you know exactly what you like
  • The importance of self-pleasure, experimentation and exploration to keeping the communication channels open and the spark alive

Turn him on. Own the room. Communicate with clarity and confidence. Let love in. Let him lead.

You're in the right place if you're a woman who...

Wants to love unreservedly, feel immense freedom, trust and safety in a relationship and open herself to more pleasure, love and orgasms as a result. 

I speak to countless single women all the time whose heart yearns to be in a relationship that truly lights up their heart and soul, that opens and expands them to new depths of pleasure and love for life yet are so fed up and exhausted by the dating game. They know what it is they want, but afraid that it simply doesn't exist, is too unrealistic or that all the good men are taken. They don't want their hearts broken again, or to commit and dive in to then be met with someone's who is unclear in their leadership and communication. The fear of being hurt again then closes their hearts to any possibility of true, meaningful love free of reservations and constraints.

Dating and relationships are not meant to be constraining but liberating and expansive! 


  • The love you read about or witness in others and think ‘not for me' is available for you to experience
  • Meeting men who desire to lead and love you becomes not only normal but standard
  • Having your wants, needs and desires met becomes an everyday experience
  • Feeling lit up, surrendered and free in your body and communication with your man feels so good

In order to receive all that there is to experience here, you'll need to be committed to rewriting your BS story about men, releasing past experiences that have hurt you and held you back from receiving the fullness of love on offer and be open and excited to opening up more of yourself to truly shine and be empowered and confident to own the space you take up in the room. 

This course is for you if you're the woman who:

  • Is sick and tired of dating the same types of boys and wants to attract men
  • Desires an equal, expansive and empowering partnership with her energetic match
  • Committed to communicating better with the men in her life
  • Wants to finally get off the dating apps to build a future with that special someone
  • Wants to heal her relationship with men and release past trauma and blocks around dating 
  • No longer wishes to compete with men (either consciously or subconsciously)
  • Wants her man to lead her in life and the bedroom
  • Is ready to cultivate and channel the deeper, sensual and erotic energy within in a healthy and empowered way
  • Wants to feel more confident around men when dating
  • Aspires to be more open-hearted, loving and vulnerable in the presence of the masculine
  • Wants to feel confident and empowered expressing her needs, wants and desires in and out of the bedroom

If reading these words are turning your soul on and creating excitement in your heart about what's possible for you in the realm of love, dating and attracting in a beautiful partnership, then you know what to do…