The Gentlemen’s Code

The Gentleman's Code - Ryan Drake

How to go from zero to her hero and unlock the man you were always destined to be.
Master the code and you'll never be the same again.

When your desire is turned off and stuck,
everything else starts to feel stagnant and suck too. Your heart, your body, your business, your job, your money, your yoni. We all have the desire yet too many of us are not giving
ourselves the PERMISSION to feel it.

We have been taught that ‘good woman’ tame themselves. Aren’t sending nudes, feeling turned on, or showing off their lacy black bra. FUCK THAT.

Diving into your hunger and cravings for juicy-ness isn’t ‘bad’,
it’s fucking NATURAL.

We are ALL sexual beings. And it’s about time that we fucking know how to use that for our ultimate power.

Babe, you’re wanting deeper levels of pleasure
in every area of your life, aren’t you? You’re wanting to feel like being in alignment and ‘flow’ isn’t some chore. You’re wanting to stop feeling so stressed, right?

The space between where you currently are, and where you want to be is creating resentment towards yourself and your sexuality…and we need to heal that ASAP.

This is a 7 week intimate and safe container and I will be taking women that feel perfect for our sacred women’s circle.

You may be curious about The Gentlemen's Code if...

  • Is your lack of confidence holding you back in your friendships, social situations, sex life, and relationship?
  • Do you struggle to orgasm or even allow the time to explore yourself?
  • Are you sick of being seen as ‘innocent’?
  • Have you stopped wanting to have sex and/or it has become a ‘sometimes’ thing?
  • Do you get triggered and you don’t know how to get rid of it?
  • Was sex not talked about much in your family?
  • Were you told that your top was too low cut or your skirt too short?
  • Are you sick of not voicing your opinion, saying ‘yes’ when you really mean ‘no’ and not having healthy boundaries?
  • Do you have some childhood wounds that you haven’t yet worked on or haven’t fully cleared?
  • Do you want to attract manifestations out of thin air?
  • Do you want to attract more money so that you can have more freedom?
  • Do you want more pleasure in sex?
  • Do you want to learn the power of full body orgasmic pleasure?
  • Do you want to uncover your trueeeee sexual desires?
  • Do you have a belief that you are not loved, good enough or worthy?
  • Do you SUCK at drawing boundaries without feeling physically sick?
  • Are you fucking SICK of not speaking up for what you truly desire?
  • Do you want to stop being so f*cking stressed all the time and actually feel FULL BODY freedom?!
  • Do you get triggered in your body and you don’t know how to get rid of it?



  • There will be 1.5-2 hours of live training each week on Wednesday evenings from 7:30PM – 9:30PM (Australian Eastern Standard Time)
  • Registration closes on Monday, February 1.
  • Course commences on February 3 and concludes on April 7.
  • Course participants will receive weekly assignments after the call and will have seven days to complete it.
  • All interaction is done within the Facebook group, with the exception of calls being conducted via Zoom.
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Turn her on. Own the room. Communicate with clarity and confidence. Lead with love. Serve serendipitously. Inspire with integrity.

This Course Is For The Man Who...

Wants to allow her true desires in all
areas of her life to be unleashed.

I see it in my clients over and over again… They know deep down the sort of pleasure that they want in their sex life, themselves, money, work and relationships but they are too afraid to really voice it. There is a fear of judgment or abandonment that holds them back.

  • I’m here to tell you…that it isn’t meant to be like this.
  • That deep pleasure that people sometimes ‘just talk about’ – you can experience that.
  • The wealth manifestations that come in ways better than you ever could have imagined? They are possible.
  • Drawing boundaries doesn’t need to be fear provoking
  • Feeling sexy in your skin and ALIVEEEEEE in the cells of your body. Also possible.
  • Constantly feeling like men are letting you down, isn’t how it needs to be
  • Feeling so fucking activated by your womb, and the sacred blood that runs through your temple.
  • Is wanting her man to be more masculine in their relationship, or to attract a masculine man so that she can fully surrender, be taken care of and feel truly loved and desired
  • Queen Alchemy is for the woman that:
  • Is ready to claim back her sensuality.
  • Is ready to fucking LOVE being a woman.
  • Wants to be the best fucking woman for her partner
  • Is ready to tap into her creative, sexual energy and magical powers.
  • Wants the confidence to start her dream job, business or just feel like she’s crushin’ life and not holding herself back from the bad-ass babe life that she’s craving
  • Is ready to upgrade her energetic frequency so she can be a match for her money manifestations.
  • We will heal your wounds to allow you to feel open and free.
  • Desires to increase her vibrational frequency so that she can magnetically attract everything she wants and live more inflow
  • Everything is AVAILABLE to you if you are OPEN to actually receiving it…money included.

    And in order to receive it, you need to re-write your story, get rid of the shell and bask in your own sunshine. And Queen Alchemy will be your First Class travel guide.

This is for the man who:

  • Wants to enjoy having sex again
  • Wants to heal her relationship with money and not have so much stress around it
  • Wants to be turned on by her life
  • Wants to feel sexually liberated
  • Wants to attract more money into her environment
  • Wants to walk around feeling juicy and alive
  • Has read the books, and tried the ‘things’ but hasn’t fully embodied the work yet
  • Is running on empty and wants to get rid of the irritability, impatience and hypersensitivity
  • Wants to be vulnerable, feminine and activated by her womb and feminine essence so that she can forgive her past and be her true, expressed version of herself
  • Doesn’t feel comfortable just walking around naked and the low self-confidence is something she wants to improve upon
  • Is ready to unleash the erotic version of herself
  • Wants to feel confident and at peace when drawing boundaries with people
  • Wants to upgrade her wealth frequency
  • Wants to no longer be comparing herself to other women and feelint shit about it
  • Wants to be supported and help in sacred queenhood during this transformation
  • Wants to uncover deeper layers of her sexually that she hasn’t seen yet
  • Wants to learn about the sacred space that is held in her body
  • Wants to learn how to tap into the queen and slut archetypes
  • Wants to feel confident as FUCK having sex with the lights ON!
  • Has put the work off for long enough!

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