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Magnetic Man Men's Coaching - Ryan Drake

For the man who's determined to lead, love and serve his friends, family, partner and the world with strength, honour and integrity. Become irresistibly magnetic.

Brother, this may be for you if...

You find yourself feeling lost and uncertain at times, unsure about the direction you’re heading with your life. 
You desire to earn more money, not simply just for the success and to live more lavishly, but because you’re driven to provide for your partner, family and friends. You’re committed to being more generous and giving – not only with your money, but with your time, energy and resources.
You know that you have some suppressed emotions that you’ve yet to work through and haven’t ever fully dealt with them, or wrestle with anger and self-control. You never want to hurt those you love, and yet you find yourself having outbursts at times where you feel like you cannot help it. 
You tend to carry some guilt and shame about past experiences that might’ve happened when you were younger and have struggled to open up about them, finding it difficult to be vulnerable and share – even with those closest to you. 
You find yourself struggling to commit in relationships, always looking for a way out or find yourself feeling insecure and worrying about little things. You notice trust issues arise when in relationships and find yourself wanting to pull away from emotional intimacy. Or you may struggle to understand women in general and are plagued by lack of confidence in the dating arena. 
You often wrestle with your ego and the parts of you that desire to be seen, that you strive to prove yourself worthy to those around you and seek validation and praise from those you love.
Trust is something you find incredibly difficult to have with people and worry that people are going to either reject you or abandon you altogether. You often find yourself trying to ‘fix’ and control a situation in order to keep people around, which leaves you constantly exhausted by trying to manage others’ expectations of you.
You feel disconnected from your heart space and feelings, often living your life driven by logic and reason, void of feelings and you struggle to express your emotions. 
Brother, if any of the above resonates, I want you to know that you’re not alone in how you feel and that all of the above can be worked through, acknowledged, forgiven and healed. I see you, I honour you and I am grateful you’re here and desiring to do the inner work and personal growth to overcome past experiences and breakthrough barriers and traumatic experiences to leave you feeling free and empowered to step more into your purpose.
Strap yourself in for a wild ride where we go 0-100 real quick, for you to be stretched and challenged to grow into the man you were always destined to become.

If the above resonates with you, then please go ahead and book a discovery call with me below. Alternatively, move forward with applying to work with me 1:1.

You will never be the same man again.


Being fully embodied in your divine masculine and opening from your soul instead of your ego is the most incredible gift that you can give yourself.

Overview of 1:1 Men's Coaching

My work uses a combination of energetic techniques, inner child healing, ego dismantling, emotional alchemy, Neurolinguistic programming, subconscious reprogramming, trauma release, meditation and visualisation to release all the wounds that you have that are holding you back from feeling ‘whole’.

After nailing coaching with women on how to embody more their feminine and release the masculine shell that so many of us get up carrying around, I was seeing more and more how much Men also needed to do the work.

I know the power in men healing with women especially because a lot of their wounding is actually caused by women. So now is the time for me to hold the space to guide men back to their divine masculine.

There is nothing more delicious, sexy and alluring than a man in his full masculine power. UGH DELICIOUSSSSS

Working with myself, will allow you to be:

  • Co-creating with the divine feminine
  • The best lover, partner and leader for your woman
  • Feeling like you are no longer out of control in your life and/or relationship
  • Communicating with women in a way that makes you feel strong, empowered and reliant 
  • Being grounded and knowing how to connect with your heart and be out of your head
  • Having the best sex of your life because you are able to connect with your body
  • No longer be bogged down by your narratives from mum, dad, and society that are keeping you playing small
  • Feeling whole and complete after doing epic trauma release with me to let go of the things that you are shoving under the carpet
  • More in your body and not operating from your ego
  • Honoring your feelings instead of repressing them
  • Getting what you what because you are communicating efficiently
  • Feeling happy, joyful and energetic 99% of the time (because 1% of the time we have our human moments)
  • Learning how to create the life of your dreams so that you can be the protector and provider that you want to be
  • More productive with your time and creating healthy habits and routines to support your next level self
  • Living on purpose and fulfilling your mission and vision
  • Changing your mindset to one that is going to get you everything that you want
  • In control of your own life and being your own leader

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