Hotline Bling 1:1 Clarity Call

When my hotline blings, it could only mean one thing: you've taken action to book a 1:1 60 min clarity call with me. It’s a chance for you to experience a little taste of what my coaching could offer you in a power hour. Don’t be dismayed by the seemingly short call time –  clients receive profound and powerful results from just 1 session!

How They Work

Simply book a timeslot that best suits you and answer the pre-call question with as much detail as possible. Strap yourself in and then be prepared to go from 0-100 real fast and dive deep once we start. No BS or messing around – a kick-ass, potent call you'll see ROI from within a week. 

I don’t usually offer one-off sessions, but I understand that you may want a taste of my medicine before you purchase your prescription (coaching program).

Topics We Could Cover

You get a smorgasbord of choice as to what we could deep-dive into together. The world's your oyster, but below you'll find a list of some of the topics we could explore in our time together. Take your pick:
  • Forgiveness and release around loss/grief/mourning (relationship or important person)
  • Challenges in your relationship
  • Resistance in your body around health/business/career
  • Childhood wounds and trauma
  • Attachment styles in a relationship
  • Dating and manifesting a new relationship
  • Your business challenges/blocks
  • Balancing masculine/feminine dynamic
  • Confidence and embodiment around speaking
  • Sexual trauma/shame/guilt
  • Money management and mindset
  • Energetic shifting and releasing
  • Gaining clarity around your mission, vision and values
  • Restoring your relationship with parents or siblings
  • Liberating your self-expression and confidence in sharing your message with the world
  • Opening your heart and throat chakra
  • Manifestation, affirmations and visualisations
  • Beating procrastination/laziness/lack of discipline
  • Mastering self-pleasure and self-love (orgasms, sex, self-expression)
  • Establishing boundaries and clear communication strategies
  • Reprogramming your subconscious mind for optimal results
  • Performance health hacks to improve overall wellbeing
  • Reducing anxiety, stress or overwhelm related to work/life

Book Your 1:1 Call

An opportunity to dive deep into a topic of your choice, to receive support and create a breakthrough in your life. No obligation or commitment to do further work with me, but instead to experience the potency and power of what can be achieved in one hour. Limited to 3 spots per month.