Consider INFINITE x YOU unlike another conference or workshop you’ve been to before. By no means am I interested in motivating you or being your teacher. Rather, I am interested in helping you transform every part of your life and create permanent change.

This isn’t just another workshop or conference built on hype or good vibes for a couple of days, and then leaving you disillusioned when you walk back into your every day environment. We will learn from each other, realising that it’s our collective power that allows us to live out our infinite potential and there will be opportunities to share and grow alongside your peers.

No, this is about immersion. This is about being immersed completely in an environment that allows you to grow and excel and to make life-altering decisions that set you up for the year ahead.

This is not a goal-setting workshop. This isn’t a leadership conference. It’s 100% about you gaining clarity on the areas of your life that you need to step up in, such that you can serve the world with passion and live out your purpose.

INFINITE x YOU is about taking action. You’re going to be uncomfortable. It’s going to challenge you in new ways. It’s going to take you right out of your comfort zone. It’s going to help you shift mindsets and break old patterns of thinking. We dive deep from the get go, and it’s only for those who are hungry and hell bent on having their lives change for the better, such that they can show up for their family, their friends, their work colleagues, their spouses or partners in a way that they haven’t been able to before.

This is about tapping into your infinite and unlimited potential.

Are you ready?

Upcoming Events


Why are tickets $199? ($149 for Early Birds)

Commitment. That’s why. Events that are free aren’t often treated with the same level of respect and thought as paid events. People can half-ass free events. They can show up, but aren’t really present. This ain’t that type of event. You can’t just show up physically at INFINITExYOU. It’s going to require you to show up with all of you: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

$199 isn’t the price of a cup of coffee. But it's a small investment in yourself that could drastically change your self-confidence and assist with powerfully and purposefully shaping the roadmap for your life moving forward.

What will it cost you to remain the same as you are today?

If I don't provide you with more than $199 of life altering information after day 1, I'll happily refund the full ticket price to you. You don't even have to return on day 2. No questions asked.

Why now?

That’s not really the question! The real question is “Can I really afford to wait any longer?”

We're already deep into 2018.

How can we make this the best year yet?!

INFINITExYOU isn’t just some feel good event, where you get to have a good time for two days.

I’m not interested in hyping your emotions for two days and then letting you go back into your day-to-day life without serious transformation. This is about creating life-changing shifts in attitude and mindset that allow you to walk away confident about who you are and what it is that you’re here for.

Where do you hold events?

INFINITExYOU events are run at certain times of year around the east coast of Australia. If you'd like to help host an event near you, please contact me.


“INFINITExYOU. To sum it up in one word – magical. My highest expectation for the weekend was to walk away a new and improved me. I can say that was 110% achieved, as well as so many other things. I met an incredible group of like-minded people who are now my new family. I was able to be my true self, let go of negative situations I was holding onto that had control over my emotions and my life and I stepped out of my comfort zone and shed a lot of tears. Most of all, I realised my worth and that I am capable of anything if I believe in myself and take action.
INFINITExYOU is a weekend of growth, love, learning, inspiration, fun and challenges. If you want to transform your life, claim back ownership of who you truly are and start playing the game of life at a new level, get along to the next INFINITExYOU event – you won't regret it.”

– Taylah Chaplain (@taychaplain)

Tayla Williams (@taylamadestrength)

Beth Thomas (@mlle_bethy)

Robbie Cronin (@robdogcronin)