So many of us quit from toiling the field, before we can reap our harvest.

Perhaps you’ve been through the effort of sowing, watering and maintaining the land— but have yet to see the seedlings sprout or the crops begin to grow.

Maybe your follower count has stopped climbing, engagement rates have dropped, your email subscriber numbers aren’t growing or perhaps sales of your product or service aren’t increasing. Or it may be that you’ve implemented lifestyle changes around your nutrition and training, yet can’t get the scales to budge.

It’s easy to fall into a trap of comparison and wondering why you’re not progressing. Sometimes, we even blame ourselves and can get stuck in a self-defeating and negative frame of mind — even to the point of wanting to quit and give up all together because we haven’t seen the beans and the grains grow overnight.

We forget that there’s a season in between sowing and reaping.

There’s an incubation period for the idea.

It takes time to notice the transformation of the land (or your business or your body).

Just because you haven’t seen the fruits of your labour yet, does not mean that they aren’t taking shape. Remember: you only see 10% of an iceberg — 90% of the iceberg’s size and shape remains underwater.

That’s the truth and that’s a hard pill to swallow for some of you who lack patience. It’s especially difficult to grasp in our modern world of instant gratification, yet remaining patient and having a long-term vision will serve you well.

Don’t give up while the shoots are growing their roots. The roots are needed for a solid foundation; to produce a good crop yield and for you to see the benefit and payoff of all your blood, sweat, time, money, energy and tears.

Good things (be that relationships, businesses, opportunities) — like good fruits and vegetables — take time to grow and mature.

What are you sowing right now?

What are you watering right now?

What are you waiting to reap?