What I'm About

I work from the belief that we create our reality with the thoughts we choose to give power to, the language we use and the actions we take on a daily basis. As a result, I work with clients to reprogram thought patterns and rewire belief systems to unlock their hidden potential. If you vibe with the above and my content, then I may be the coach for you.

I believe personal empowerment is having the capacity to both give and receive love at the highest level, according to your heart's desires. My coaching foundations are based on evolving and enhancing one's mind, body and spiritual growth. I support clients in their ability to work with, not against, negative emotions and thought patterns, freeing themselves from self-sabotage and elevating them into a different paradigm of self-belief and self-love.

My coaching style is unconventional yet grounded and built on top of the last 7 years of studying the human condition in myself, family, friends, colleagues and clients. I am unique because my coaching delivery methods are tailored to the individual, as I don't believe in a one-size-fits-all. Therefore, I am a patient listener with a full heart and I ask questions to help further my understanding of who you are and how you operate. As a result, I can challenge, push and support you in growing into the greatest version of you.

Our coaching sessions include Skype/phone calls, weekly assignments, practical tools and so much more. Together, we put together the foundations for building a positive, powerful and purposeful roadmap for your life. Our time together is intimate, one-on-one coaching so I have to believe you’re committed. We dive deep into your heart and soul quickly and I'd like to think we could be spiritual gym buddies.


As a Personal Empowerment Coach, I specialise in supporting you in the following areas:

  • Mastering self-talk
  • Self-confidence and mirror work
  • Priming your brain for performance gains
  • Navigating relationships – the ups and the downs
  • Developing strong body language and power stances
  • Effective communication
  • Moving beyond the mind and dropping into your body

One-off coaching sessions are available and most certainly can be incredibly beneficial. If, however, you’re committed to ongoing transformation, empowerment and support, I recommend committing to ongoing sessions with me over a 3 month period.

* Each session is 60 minutes in length and via Skype or phone call.

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