All The Words Left Unsaid

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Dear You,
I know it might seem like I had forgotten about you, but I haven’t. It’s hard to forget someone who means the world to you.
This has taken me far longer to write than I ever anticipated. It’s hard to find the words to adequately describe the way I feel about you but what you hold are the words on my heart.If you never understood me before, I hope you do now.

Love always wins.

I love you.

Always and forever,


A poetry book to describe the times of hurting, the times of searching, the times of finding and the times of loving another human being – in all their beauty. Scars, flaws and all.

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Beneath The Sheets

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Brain.I wish there were an off switch for you at times.
You flood me with thoughts and ideas that keep me awake and restless all night. I toss and I turn, struggling to sleep as I wrestle with my past, my mistakes and what happened today.
Tonight, I am letting those thoughts free.
I am finally putting pen to paper, to express all the words left unsaid.I hope that I have been able to capture the chaos that exists within my head, in the hopes that I set myself free.
It’s time for me to sleep.

Good night,


A collection of poems and prose to describe the nights we lay awake at night reflecting upon all the thoughts that run through our head.

This collection of poems and images is split over two sections:
“Midnight” depicts themes of lust, heartache, suffering, violence and depression. The moments we feel in the dark; wrestling with our thoughts as we struggle to sleep.

“Morning Light” is about getting through the night and fighting through our demons. It covers topics of love, as well as the triumphs and success of overcoming and breaking through your darkest moments!

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Full to the Brim